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My husband and I sought out ministry with Jerry and Denise because we felt like we had hit a wall. We so badly wanted to go deeper in our relationship with one another and with the Lord. Since this time of seeking out ministry, we have been to see Jerry and Denise two times and each time has been very impactful.

When we arrived at Jerry and Denise’s the first time we were very comforted by their assurance that they felt like God had given them insight into what was happening in our lives.  It was great to know that there were people who could understand and help. During each of our visits we enjoyed the peace that was in their home and the physical comfort in the amenities that were provided.

Both my husband and I were deeply touched by the unique blend of counseling and prayer ministry that was obviously guided by the Holy Spirit. It was incredible how quickly root issues of problems were pinpointed and ministered to.

Because of the ministry we have received from Jerry and Denise, my husband and I understand the love of the Father more tangibly than ever before. During and after both visits with Jerry and Denise, my husband and I encountered the Love of God. Both my husband and I received significant breakthroughs in the areas of identity and were able to begin to walk free from the wounds of our childhood. After our first time of ministry, I felt freer and lighter than I had ever felt in my life, and I also felt a new sense of intimacy with God.  Jerry and Denise also helped us walk through the process of grief over the losses that we had experienced. A few days after we left Jerry and Denise’s the second time, my husband wept for the first time in many years. He wept over the pain he had carried around for so long and has realized how his wounding has affected those around him. Not only did we receive breakthrough while we were with Jerry and Denise but they also provided us with resources to help us continue to walk in freedom.

My husband and I are so thankful for Jerry and Denise. We don’t know where we would be today if the Lord had not led us to them. Thank you Jerry and Denise for providing a safe place for broken people to come and receive healing from the Father, you are truly appreciated!

M.J. and T.J., North Carolina


My wife and I decided to go to Jerry and Denise. She went kicking and complaining. She came from a very bad childhood and I thought she would cry all weekend and that I would have it pretty easy. Turned out I cried all weekend and my wife had a blast. As the counseling sessions continued, we both faced our hurts and both struggled through together. We are so different now than before the counseling. Our relationship is vastly improved. Sometimes I am amazed at the changes in both of us. I think it is very unique to find counselors who depend on the Holy Spirit's healing work along with practical counseling techniques. I am so glad we found, or actually, God led us to Jerry and Denise.

E.E., Alabama


We have been in pastoral ministry for about 30 years.  In 2009 my husband was granted a three month sabbatical from his duties as senior pastor of a medium size congregation. During our sabbatical we spent a week with Jerry and Denise (20 hours of counseling sessions) with a particular agenda in mind.  Instead we came away with a much better and more foundational agenda that God had in store for us.  Jerry and Denise were sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit in the days we spent with them and we were led into a journey of wholeness that has changed our whole approach to life and ministry.  We have made several other visits to them as follow-ups which have also been helpful and unique.

While we went as a couple, we also benefitted as individuals. Besides the session times, we had time for rest, relaxation, and to work on the homework given to us.  We left the week renewed and refreshed, with a new understanding of Father God’s love for us, not for what we could do FOR Him, but because we are His beloved son and daughter.

While each visit is unique, what is consistent and we have come to expect from Jerry and Denise are:

We wholeheartedly recommend Jerry and Denise, and have sent several from our congregation to them for ministry in the last several years.  They are not miracle workers; rather they introduce you to the Miracle Worker, to the very heart of God Himself that is life changing and inspiring.

B.M. and R.M., Pennsylvania


After 7 incredibly difficult years, in late 2011, the Lord showed me that it was time for a break and reflection.

I had been through my daughter's diagnosis with a debilitating neurological disease and the resulting change to our lives, my sister's illness and death and several years of financial roller coasters.  The Lord had been good and faithful in all these, but they were still tough years and tough experiences.

After much searching online, I found "The Father's Heart.”  Little did I know that it was so much more than just the name of a ministry.  With Jerry and Denise, I really found the Father's heart!

In the beginning, I thought 12 hours was going to be way too much time.  Not to worry.  The time went by so quickly, as Jerry and Denise asked the Holy Spirit to show us the areas of my heart that needed attention.  The Lord does not waste time.  He really gets to the heart of the matter.  Jerry and Denise are gifted in hearing from the Lord.  I felt as if they were really facilitating my conversations with the Lord.

During the sessions, the Holy Spirit would show me an issue and move me closer to understanding His heart about it.  Then, the homework that night would propel me forward to the next step where we would pick up the next day.

I stayed in the cozy apartment downstairs.  I was alone with a complete kitchen, living area, dining, bedroom and bath so I had no need to leave.  For once, I was able to focus.  I was able to talk to the Lord and think things through with His help. I felt the Lord was very close to me.  The time was precious.

On the first day, as I described the stress of dealing with my daughter's lack of speech when she urgently needs something, Jerry asked me if I felt the Father close to me, weeping with me at those times. I said, "No".  I knew in my head that I can turn to Him, but I never considered that He cries along with me.  As He said that, I envisioned sitting at the kitchen table with my daughter crying and the Father, very large, kneeling behind me with his arms around me, weeping.  It is a very comforting image and one that I am learning to keep near me, thanks to the Basels.

Though I knew I would deal with grief, I had never considered that the Lord feels my grief with me, and I was not prepared to approach my grief in an itemized way. One day they gave me a homework assignment to do just that.  What a revelation that resulted in!  I was able to really look at what I had lost, but also what I had received over the years.  Beyond that, I suddenly could see what was missing in my own parenting of my child!  Now I can be and have become a different Mom than my Mom was.  I can recognize my need to slow down my own busyness and just be with my daughter.

For many years, this has been one of my favorite scriptures:  "Do not conform to the patterns of this world; but be transformed by the renewing of your mind" Romans 12:2-3. After the time spent with Jerry and Denise, I saw it in a whole new light! That the patterns of my family and parenting are a part of the patterns of this world and that those too can be transformed!

There were so many un-looked-for insights that I gained in just 3 days that it is too much to share with you here, but I truly was renewed.  Through Jerry & Denise, the Lord allowed me to feel His love for really the first time in my life. Though I had been walking with Him a long time, my head was much more involved than my heart.  I'm thankful for the surprising insights I gained through this experience and the way it has enabled me to be more sensitive to the needs and emotions of others.

The Father's Heart Ministry has truly been a blessing to me and my spiritual life has grown by leaps and bounds since my visit.  I teach a women's group and the blessings I received have overflowed onto these women too.

Thank you Jerry and Denise for your obedience to the Lord's call on our life and your continued humility in serving.

A.F., Texas


After 20 years of pastoral ministry, I came upon a season of life where my world had been rocked and my emotions were entangled by relational conflicts. The battles I had been fighting in ministry had also taken a huge toll upon my marriage, for which I was ashamed. The response of the leaders over and around me was to release me for a three month sabbatical to experience healing and restoration. Part of the sabbatical plan was a week-long visit to The Father's Heart Ministry.

I can honestly say that what we experienced in those five days with Jerry and Denise was transforming. They listened to our presenting issues and then carefully and prayerfully guided us into deeper realms to discover the power and presence of our Heavenly Father who wanted to heal our hearts. We came face to face with patterns of behavior that the enemy was using against us. The insights we gained during that time are still affecting us today.

We have also referred other pastoral couples to The Father's Heart Ministry. And they too have had life changing experiences. I believe God has given Jerry and Denise a special anointing to lead broken people like us into deeper awareness of God's love so that doors of pain can be unlocked and healing can be poured in. I highly recommend their ministry and will be forever grateful for how they have impacted our lives.

G.M., Virginia


My wife and I had always envisioned a ministry to couples where they would come and stay for a time of personal ministry.  My wife reminded me that we had never done that ourselves.  Our search for a place brought us to The Father's Heart Ministry.  Now I look at my life Pre-Cleveland, GA. and Post-Cleveland, GA.  I was 64 years old, had been ministering and counseling for 27 years and married for 38 years.  The experience we had at The Father's Heart eclipsed anything I had experienced up to that point.  The things that were revealed were freeing and life changing.  We are still enjoying the benefits of our time with Jerry and Denise.  


At the same time, if you would ask us what was so fabulous about the experience, we're not sure we could list any great earth shaking events.  It was the combination of two people totally sold out to the Lord in ministry and two people totally ready to receive ministry that came together at the right time.  It was how Jerry and Denise played off of each other.  It was their gentle spirit and insight from years of counseling.  It was the Holy Spirit orchestrating four people coming together at the right time for deep healing.


You might think 4 hours of ministry a day for 5 days plus homework would be grueling and we would have left exhausted.  Yes, it was hard work.  No, it was not grueling.  It was invigorating, challenging, uplifting.  It brought tears and laughter, somberness and joy. Even as we left and were driving to our next destination, we had further incredible revelations from God about what had happened to us and what needed to change.


The proof of the experience is how long lasting the results have been.  This was not just some emotional encounter with some surface changes being made.  This was an encounter with God, facilitated by two of his children sold out to ministry and able to listen to Him, ask the right questions, assign the right homework and just love us into healing.  I don't think I have ever spent any money that I felt was so worth the cost.  We have no reservation in encouraging you to make the trip to a beautiful part of the country, to a beautiful home and allow God to do some deep work in your life.

B.C., Michigan


I came to the Father’s Heart ministry discouraged. While I felt I had dealt with a number of issues, there still seemed to be some roadblocks to releasing me to trust God and my wife. Jerry and Denise’s prayer, counsel, home work and just being in the woods in Georgia were all instrumental in bringing more healing in my life and marriage. I thank the Father for giving Jerry and Denise this call.

M.B., California


I came to know Jerry and Denise through witnessing healing in a marriage of two family members, as well as in a mutual friend.  It was from the impact of these lives that I came to receive counseling two times in a five year period.  In this time frame, I continued to observe the rising beauty, peace and joyous life of this mutual friend (who recently went home to be with the Lord).  

My life was blessed yet bittersweet both professionally and personally, but then the heartaches and losses peaked to a point that I knew I needed “something” greater than what I was able to help myself do alone. Alone is how I “managed” and hoped that things would always work.  But “my way” wasn’t working anymore. My past losses and hurts needed to be healed and Jerry and Denise were instrumental during this time in bringing me healing and closer to our Heavenly Father. They provided compassion, love and non-judging insight, new tools for continued learning and healing, and love for who I was created to be.  When I came back five years later to deal with resentment issues I was still facing from past issues, losses, and hurts that I perceived were done to me by other people, they were again compassionate, loving and geared me towards continuous joyous life. The journey with them has been beyond anything I could have imagined—so sweet and just shy of miraculous to me. They have been truly gifts to my life.

R., Virginia


I was recommended to go to The Father’s Heart Ministry from a colleague in ministry who had himself received breakthrough in his healing.  My wife and I pastor a church in Canada and since we were quite desperate in our healing journey, we made the long drive down to Georgia last summer for a time of ministry.  We were very impressed with how Jerry and Denise welcomed and received us like we were their own children.  Over the three days with them, they were able to get at roots in my life that had been hindering my personal and spiritual growth.  I look back on that time as very pivotal for our marriage and ministry, which has enabled me to walk in the healing and freedom that Father desires for me, and in fact longs for with all His kids.  I strongly recommend anyone in need of healing and spiritual breakthrough in their marriage or ministry to go The Father’s Heart to receive from the heart of the Father.


T.C. and A.C., Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


I have known Jerry and Denise for 6 months now and they have helped me greatly on my journey.  In December 2008 my wife told me I should take some anti-depressants as I was sad and down almost daily.  I had no issues at work where I am managing a team of IT professionals but at home I would struggle with my emotional life.  I have had these "issues" as long as I can remember and I thought, “Well, that's just the way I am,” but it was not fun to be around me, especially not for my wife.  Jerry and Denise helped me to discover what a father’s love really means, as my father did not connect emotionally with me at all as a child.  Many times God has "showed up" in our meetings in such a special way for me personally.  I am still on my journey, but I am changed, and that's recognized by my wife and my children.  I found a much better way to deal with my anger.  I found that my Heavenly Father really loves me, and it brings tears of joy to my eyes even as I write this. There is a Father who wants to father me in a way that I never could have even dreamed of.  In the beginning I didn't realize how much Jerry and Denise were going to be with me in this journey.  They do not stand on the sidelines giving me tips and tricks.  No, they are on the battlefield with me.  I can't tell you how special that is.  I am not alone out there.  Jerry and Denise, thank you so much!  I love you guys!

S.K., Atlanta, GA


There have been three major life-changing events in my walk with God over the last 25 years.  The first was when I first surrendered to Christ 25 years ago.  The second was three years ago when I heard God clearly for the first time.  The most recent was when I encountered Jerry & Denise and began to walk through what was broken in my inner world.  I had no idea what was locked up inside of me when I walked in to get what I thought was simply a minor tune-up.  I had been through several years of counseling and was certain I was in a good place with the Father when I arrived.  

I knew something was different when I filled out the application and the tears started as the Father begin to touch me in places I did not know existed.  Every session with Jerry and Denise is like walking into a holy place.  It’s as though the Father was performing open-heart surgery on me in each meeting.  The insight that they have and the unique way they minister as a team is incredible.  I have never met a couple who was more united, more gifted and more intentional about helping people.  

And it doesn’t end when you walk out the door.  They email me thoughts and ideas between meetings.  Everything they do is personal to my journey and very targeted on my wounds and healing.  What also strikes me is how they adjust their approach as we move through the process.  They don’t get hung up on following the same pattern with every person.  They listen to both you and the Father during the session and will set aside their agenda to go after what is needed at the moment.  

If you want to really get personal with the Father and get all He has for you, The Fathers Heart is the place to be.  I am certain there is something akin to a nuclear reactor of God’s Spirit working in this ministry.  This is exactly what Jesus meant for us to have when He said He came to heal the broken-hearted and set the captives free.  It’s the mission of the Church and Jerry and Denise are answering the call.

R.B., Buford, GA


It's wonderful to not only find someone who is qualified ministerially and educationally but, a counselor you can trust to discern your heart's needs and desires.  Jerry and Denise's ministry, The Father's Heart, has touched my life and my children's in a remarkable way. Through their prayers, counsel and wisdom, we have been set free through the power of the Holy Spirit to be healed and to grow closer and more intimate with Jesus, our Savior and Father.

L.H., Cartersville, GA


Jerry and Denise helped me to understand a key area in my past that helped me be healed in my relationship with the Lord and with my family.  I am free to be loved and to know that Jesus never rejects me.  Their ability to see into the dynamics of relationships is key to help you become whole again.

R.H., Cartersville, GA


When my husband and I made the decision to seek counseling with Jerry and Denise, we had been married for almost nineteen years.  Our marriage had been in trouble for a very long time, however it was our desire to restore our marriage to what God intended it to be.    We had attempted marriage counseling, prior to seeing Jerry and Denise, but it wasn’t until we received prayer counseling with and through them that we both began to experience breakthroughs individually.   They helped us see that our Father not only loves us, but wants to help us heal from our past hurts.  We highly recommend counseling with The Father’s Heart Ministry.

L.T. and T.T., Woodstock, GA.



Great and mighty blessings have been released in my life through Jerry and Denise Basel’s powerful and unique ministry. They have been greatly anointed and gifted by The Father in serving God’s people as a Divine Connector between the heart of Father God and the heart of His children. They are able to gently, yet powerfully, join our hearts on a level that far surpasses anything I had ever previously experienced in my 24-year walk with the Lord.

Jerry and Denise are especially gifted with recognizing prenatal wounding which can greatly hinder one’s relationship with Father God. During my first visit I experienced a deep life-changing revelation. Mighty healing followed as I profoundly encountered the grief of the Father over my personal prenatal wounding, which took place as I grew in my mother’s womb. This provided the missing foundation of complete freedom and healing, and I was then able to fully embrace my Father God’s Love for the very first time.

I went on to write a very special letter to my unborn child, which described the powerful testimony of my encounter with the Father’s Love. It became a special blessing for many who read it, and I have now made it available for Jerry and Denise to forward to others upon request. Ask for “My Letter to Baby Teresa” and be greatly blessed by the fruit of this powerful ministry.

T.M., Powder Springs, GA


My husband and I had been involved in inner healing for more than 9 years when we first learned of Fathers Heart. Although we had experienced a lot of restoration in our lives in so many ways; still there was always something missing.

We had viewed inner healing only as being more about deliverance from “our issues.”Though we had been encouraged to see God’s perspective regarding our losses, I don’t remember knowing He (God) actually grieved and wanted us to grieve over our losses.  We felt we should just deal with our issues and move on.

As much as we wanted to do this, there were so many places that we were unable to accomplish it.  Jerry and Denise took us to the very lap of God.  As we were encouraged to feel His (God’s) heartbeat, we understood He was weeping with us over your losses. As we took the time to grieve, we saw more of a completed work in these areas of our lives.  

Many times in the body of Christ we do things robotically through formulas.  Have you ever heard someone say ‘I know I must forgive them’?  Though the scripture does tell us that we must forgive in order to be forgiven, Jerry and Denise showed us that we cannot truly forgive someone until we grieve our loss in its entirety and allow the Father to comfort us as He grieves with us.  When you know His heart for you and the loss you have suffered, then the forgiveness comes easily and it will be complete. It is also amazing how when you know His heart for you, you can see more clearly His heart for others.

I recall receiving a phone call one particular day from a person whom I had been hurt by deeply. Though I had “by faith”, made every attempt to forgive this person over and over again, I still dreaded each conversation. The fact that they were a family member made the ability to separate myself from them impossible. But this particular day seemed different.  In a recent visit to Fathers’ Heart, I had actually felt God’s heart regarding my loss from this person and I had truly grieved.  That is what made this day so very special.  After my conversation with them, I literally felt happy and realized I actually enjoyed talking to them.  When I told my husband how I felt, we both realized I had indeed forgiven them.

Jerry and Denise have applied themselves spiritually, professionally and personally.

Their respect for one another causes them to be a powerful team in ministry.

Their unconditional love and response to the heart of God is felt with each response. Their gift of hospitality makes for even a more relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere of healing.  The apartment that they make available is so very comfortable and economical and this contributes to a time of healing.  They are truly gifted in the area of inner healing and are a valuable resource in the Body of Christ.  We have and will continue to recommend them to the hurting as well as know they are a great resource for us.  We both continue to say that this is the best investment we have ever made.

L.O., Northwest, GA


After counseling with Jerry and Denise, I have an inner strength to acknowledge my own thoughts and feelings and existence without guilt or condemnation struggles from within.  I also seem to be able to embrace my uniqueness and not be trying to submerge into whatever strong personality is present and most dominant.  I have not been so hard on myself because I do not need to be them, (as I have tried so unsuccessfully to be most of my life).  I seem to be able to know when enmeshment is happening and laugh about it and make the choice to stop and give back the reaction that doesn’t belong to me, but to that individual. Therefore, my anger level has dropped significantly.   I am able to release other people’s problems and struggles to God and to them.  This has reduced my stress level also.

It seems that owning my right to exist is changing so many relationship dynamics. Another challenge is to discover my own likes, dislikes, thoughts and desires.  I am intentionally calling forth (in prayer) the personality that God made me to be. With all of these revelations comes a fresh accountability of my own bad choices, along with a detachment emotionally from the consequences of other people’s choices. I am beginning to be free to develop my uniqueness without feeling the responsibility to earn the right to exist by fixing everyone’s problems.  This is all new and quite a daily struggle.  Jerry and Denise’s counsel helped me begin to do what I had learned I needed to do, but seemed impossible.   Knowing, but being unable, was a guilt/condemnation trap.  I only wish I could have come to them as a young person instead of waiting until I was 65.

M.R., Northeast Georgia


I call Jerry and Denise Basel friends and they have touched my heart in such a way that I can grow, fall down and safely get back up again and laugh and cry.  Their ‘sound’ is encouragement, love and the continuing tenacity in difficult circumstances to rest in the Fathers heart and always bring the rest of us along to a greater experience of ourselves and our Lord’s life.  The Father's Heart Ministry is not just a ministry as many traditionally think of ministries perhaps, but it is about worship, equipping and healing the brokenhearted and setting the captives free. This is not just something they do but who they have become and it’s His fragrance in them that gives life.”

N.H., Alpharetta, Georgia


Jerry and Denise took the time to really counsel, pray, press in to get to root issues, and it changed my life.  They didn't give up.  They worked, gave direction, support, and affirmation.  In scary situations they stood strong with me.  They never turned their back on me.  They love the Lord, are welcoming, have sweet spirits, have a gift of teaching and nurturing, and praying and pressing.  They are always seeking God's will and He is totally pleased with them.”

D.B., Duluth, Georgia


Jerry and Denise Basel are amazingly gifted and called into the difficult area of spiritual open-heart surgery!  My husband and I speak from experience when we say they are worth any amount of time, energy, and investment--IF you are interested in change, that is!  Don't bother if you are not looking to be introduced to yourself.  My husband and I worked independently with them and also as a couple.  We have a great marriage, with a lot of history together, but there were things between us that we never understood until our meetings together.  God used the Basels to uncover our secrets and set us free from years of ineffective communication.  Life is too short to waste it on masked communication--whether it is intentionally masked or subconsciously masked--either way it is robbing you of all that God has for you.  We have been in ministry for over 20 years now, and give 150% of ourselves to others in many vulnerable ways, and we have more to offer now than ever before.  We have them on retainer, and will do regular maintenance as needed.  We suggest you do the same.

S.W., Duluth, Georgia


Our experience with The Father’s Heart Ministry has been a blessing to our marriage and our walk with God.  Jerry and Denise Basel, using their anointed gifts as healers and counselors, were able to help us break through many of the strongholds in our life and receive the healing that we needed to live fully in God’s grace.  We encourage everyone who has been struggling in their work, marriage, or relationship with God to consider scheduling time with The Father’s Heart Ministry.

P.M. and C.M, Buford, Georgia


I came to the Father's Heart Ministry last year for counseling.  I had a list of issues that I knew I needed to deal with and a whole other list that I wasn't even aware of.  Jerry and Denise helped me to see that so much of the pain I was in was due to the pain I had ignored throughout the many years before.  I was 33 years old, I had been walking with the Lord for 14 years, and I was numb.  Over those 33 years, I had learned how to "protect" myself from experiencing pain.  What I never realized is that "protecting" myself, shutting down my heart and preventing myself from grieving losses in my life, only served to prevent me from experiencing life.  They walked me through a very painful journey--one I am so very thankful for.  Through their leadership and their extreme sensitivity to the leading of the Holy Spirit, they helped me to become aware of the numerous defense mechanisms that I had built up over a lifetime.  As I allowed God into those areas and began to tear those defenses down, I found life and peace.  In addition, and most importantly, I was able to see God's hand in my life and how He had been trying to get to my heart for years.  I learned that the problem with putting walls up to prevent yourself from feeling pain, is that it also prevents you from feeling at all--and it prevents the Lord from getting to the one thing He is after--your heart.  God was so gracious to lead me to this wonderful couple.  The ministry that He poured into them was absolutely life changing for me.

S.B., Lawrenceville, Georgia­


When I began counseling with The Father’s Heart Ministry, I was a Christian but I did not know the Father or of His intense love for me, His daughter.  Through unconditional love, compassion and patience....a literal demonstration of the Father's Heart....Jerry and Denise walked along side of me and led me back to the Him....My Father.   (Malachi 4:6 – ‘He will turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the hearts of the children to the fathers. . .’)

S.M., Buford, Georgia


“Jerry and Denise Basel’s counseling ministry has been greatly used to release into our marriage and individual lives such peace, harmony, and restoration that we just overflow continually in the freedom of the Lord’s love.  Our closeness with each other and with the Lord keeps growing day by day.  God bless you, Jerry and Denise, for ministering His love to us.  We highly recommend this ministry.

J.Y. and S.Y., Atlanta, Georgia


I have been in ministry for many years, so I feel like a veteran of war; however, meeting Jerry and Denise has been one of the major blessings of my life.  I feel very strongly that God has anointed this beautiful couple to help revive, heal, and give hope to his people, especially those who are hurting and in need of God's touch. Their sensitivity and willingness to be used of God is one of their greatest gifts.  I will always be most grateful for the help that my family and I have received from their ministry.

T.G., Duluth, Georgia


We truly appreciated the quality time that we spent with Jerry and Denise.  Since we have been married, we have encountered experiences that have negatively defined our marriage.  Now, with the help of The Fathers Heart Ministry and the Lord, we have a renewed perspective on our marriage and are very optimistic in taking our marriage from glory to glory.  Our relationship has been dramatically transformed by their impartation, objectivity, honesty, prayers, and wisdom.  We would highly recommend couples to invest a portion of their life with The Fathers Heart Ministry, no matter how insurmountable or good things may seem.

L.G. and C.G., Stone Mountain, Georgia


I often tell people that God used Jerry and Denise Basel to save our marriage.  I believe with all my heart that this is true.  Their compassion creates a safe environment.  In the midst of a crisis, it is a relief to have caring people to pray and help focus your eyes on Jesus.  This kind of compassion is the only way to survive hard, painful circumstances that force us to examine our lives.  Their ability to bypass the symptoms and go to the root of the problem is a God-given gift.  Being a husband/wife team is an ideal situation for marriage counseling. Meeting together as a couple regularly and spending significant time individually is a unique feature of their ministry that is critical to the work they do.  I can say healing flows from their biblically-based counseling ministry. Our happy marriage is proof.

M.G., Cleveland, Georgia


I had the privilege of receiving ministry through The Fathers Heart Ministry in a very pivotal time in my life. Though I am not currently through this leg of the journey in my life, God has used Jerry and Denise to help unlock some things that are bringing freedom in my life that has transcended my relationship with Christ, God my father, and others I come in contact with daily. I am grateful for their ministry, and would highly recommend them to anyone seeking guidance and healing in their life.

J.W., Sugar Hill, Georgia

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