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Copyright 2019  Jerry and Denise Basel

 Living from a Healed Heart                 Jerry and Denise's Blog

Several years ago, a client gave us a painting of Jesus holding a little lamb to his face. The picture demonstrated such tenderness, such closeness, such warmth and love. We hung it in our counseling office where we also held classes, small groups, and house church meetings. One night after one of our gatherings, we noticed a young Jewish man standing...

April 19, 2019

As we grow through the formative years of childhood, we typically learn various ways of adapting to adversity. Our true self--the one God placed in us from the very beginning--becomes covered over or even lost, and we start functioning from another identity—our false self. The false self can manifest in a multitude of ways: becoming strong and controll...

In counseling, we see people from all walks of life who have a distorted view of God the Father because their parents misrepresented him. It doesn’t matter whether the client is a missionary, pastor, music leader, or doctor of theology.

The biggest influence on how a person sees God is not their knowledge of the Scriptures. It is the representation or...

March 23, 2019

Consider the incredible love that the Father has shown us in allowing us to be called

“children of God”—and that is not just what we are called, but who we are. —1 John 3:1 J.B. Phillips

Of all the Scriptures the Father has emphasized in our healing ministry, some of the most profound have related to coming to him as a child. No matter how old we get, th...

November 4, 2018

This writing, taken from our book, The Missing Commandment: Love Yourself, was posted by our friend, David Sanford, who worked with us last year on our new edition and the marketing of our book. Thanks, David!

In his excellent book, The Mystery of Children, Mike Mason reminds us that “Jesus wants us to become like children because our spirits lived...

Here we share some wonderful truths about you that agrees with how God sees you. Internalize the words as you read them and then view the video clip below.

"I do not have to be perfect in order to be loved, because God loves me as I am - imperfect. This means that I am important even when I have rough edges in my life and when I make mist...

Scripture often uses the word heart when referring to our spirit. Mike Mason, in his excellent book The Mystery of  Children, states the following regarding this issue of spirit/heart: "Jesus wants us to become like children because our spirits lived closest to the surface during our childhood. In childhood our hearts are the most transparent, mos...

September 29, 2017

As we shared in our most recent blog post, we are very honored and humbled that excerpts from our book, The Missing Commandment: Love Yourself, have been shared this week by Luis Palau (http://www.palau.org) on his radio show, “Reaching Your World.” These 80-second spots have been broadcast on 1,450 radio stations reaching millions. In addition, the me...

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