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Counseling Packages and Cost

The Father's Heart Intensive Christian Counseling Ministry offers packages of two, three, or five days in length. Using the five-day package as an example, here is what you can expect: 


  • The five-day package includes 20 hours of direct counseling for an individual or couple. There is no group work involved. If married, the 20 hours will be with both of you together. (Note: The three-day package is 12 hours; the two-day package is eight hours).


  • You can schedule a package on any combination of days of the week, including weekends.​


  • You will stay 5 days and 5 nights in a totally private, 1500 sq. ft. premium living area. (See Gallery)


  • Meals are not included. However, you will have a full kitchen with a stocked pantry, condiments, and beverages (coffee, tea, juice, and bottled water) at no additional cost.


  • You will complete an online confidential personal history, a medical and emotional survey, and a self-assessment questionnaire, due one week prior to your arrival.


  • In advance of your visit, you will receive a copy of our book, The Missing Commandment: Love Yourself—How Loving Yourself the Way God Does Can Bring Healing and Freedom to Your Life. You will be assigned two chapters prior to your arrival.     


  • You will arrive between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. on the night preceding your counseling intensive. Counseling begins each morning at 9 a.m. and finishes at 1 p.m.


  • You will be given homework each day, as each day builds on the next. We use movies, music, reading, writing, and other relevant resources selected to meet your personal needs.

  • When you complete your intensive counseling, you will be given a personalized prescription with recommendations for continued healing. 


  • The cost for this comprehensive 5-day package is $2,875 ($700 deposit). The 3-day package is $1,725 ($400 deposit), and the two-day package is $1,150 ($300 deposit). The deposit is required within one week of scheduling and is non-refundable. [Note: In comparison, the cost for similar 5-day packages from other Christian counselors is $4,000 to over $7,000.]

  • FOR ALL U.S. RESIDENTS: Payments may be made by check, cash or credit card. If you choose to pay the deposit by credit card, no additional transaction fee will be assessed. However, when paying the remaining balance with a credit card, an additional 2.9% will be added to cover the cost of the credit card transaction fee.​

  • NON-U.S. RESIDENTS: Payment must be made by credit card or cash (USD). No transaction fee will be assessed for the deposit paid with a credit card. However, when paying the remaining balance with a credit card, an additional 2.9% will be added to cover the cost of the credit card transaction fee.


  • Additional counseling sessions, when available, are $125 per hour. Please contact us for more information.

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