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"Listen Now: Four Radio Broadcasts by Luis Palau from Our Book, "The Missing Commandment&q

As we shared in our most recent blog post, we are very honored and humbled that excerpts from our book, The Missing Commandment: Love Yourself, have been shared this week by Luis Palau ( on his radio show, “Reaching Your World.” These 80-second spots have been broadcast on 1,450 radio stations reaching millions. In addition, the message of our book has been promoted by Luis Palau Ministries via iTunes, TuneIn, and his social media channels.

To listen to each of these radio broadcasts, click on the following links:

Wednesday, 9/27: God Loves You and Me

Luis Palau will also air one additional series of radio messages from our book in the future. When we have specific dates, we will share them with you.

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