Spanish Translation Now Available for "The Missing Commandment: Love Yourself"

We are very excited to announce the release of the Spanish translation of our book, The Missing Commandment: Love Yourself (Expanded Edition) This is the second of two new translations of our book that is being released. The first one--that being the Portuguese version--was just made available.

Since publishing our English edition, we have had many people ask if we would be publishing a Spanish version. We are hopeful that having this available will benefit many for whom Spanish is their native language!

This new translation is available on Amazon in both print and ebook formats. Click here to go directly to the Amazon site for purchase. We are currently offering both formats at a special price! Please contact us directly at for bulk order pricing.

To read the Introduction and Chapter 1 in Spanish, Click Here

We need your help! If you are aware of individuals, churches or other ministries or groups where the primary language is Spanish, please share this information with them. This might include those in the USA but also in other countries. Our main purpose of producing these translations is to provide healing opportunities to a greater number of people!

Also, if you are not familiar with this book and your primary language is English, please click on this Amazon link to find out more or go to our publications website at

Thanks for joining us on this ongoing journey of healing and restoration!


Jerry and Denise Basel

J & D Publications and The Father’s Heart Intensive Christian Counseling Ministry

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