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How might your life change if you really believed God loves you—not just in your head but down where it counts, in your heart? Imagine how different things could be­: The lies you’ve believed about yourself all these years dispelled. The wounds of abuse healed. Your future lit with hope, peace, and purpose. Your closeness with God and others deepened immeasurably. The true, heaven-born you free at last to live a life unclouded by shame, guilt, and fear and empowered to love others fully.


Used both individually and in Bible studies, recovery groups, men’s and women’s retreats, and private counseling across the country, The Missing Commandment: Love Yourself invites you on a journey of God-discovery, self-discovery, and truth-discovery. This expanded edition sheds still greater light on some of life’s most wounding influences—and the way to move beyond them. Drawing on their many years of biblical counseling practice, Jerry and Denise Basel help you experience God’s love as the daily, motivating force in your life. And they show you how to stop punishing and start loving someone whom your heavenly Father loves very much—YOU.


You see, the missing commandment has never been missing from the Bible, only from your life. But that can change, starting now.

In Loving God, Loving Myself, biblical counselors Jerry and Denise Basel give you a traveling companion on your journey to healing from life’s wounds and Satan’s lies. These fifty-five engaging and hope-filled readings correspond to the Basels’ book. The Missing Commandment: Love Yourself and make a valuable accompaniment. However, this book is designed to stand by itself.


Read just one short chapter a day. Steep in the wisdom and encouragement gleaned from God’s Word. Learn from the stories from others as well as the Basels themselves. And gain daily hope, insight, and vision for your life as you walk the road with God toward loving yourself and others the way God does.

This powerful and dynamic 45-minute, 7 session teaching DVD, continues the healing journey. Join Jerry and Denise and a cast of others as they take you deeper still into the process of learning to love yourself the way God does.


The DVD Study Guide includes Scriptures for reflection, the video narrative, reading assignments from the original book, and questions for individual reflection and/or sharing with others. The companion Study Guide to the DVD is sold separately.

The Missing Commandment: Love Yourself Audiobook is narrated by Jerry and Denise Basel with personal letters in the book narrated by other men and women. This brings a very powerful and unique feature to the recording.  Total running time 6 hours, 41 minutes.

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