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"You're Just Like Your Father"

Whether we like it or not, the wounds from our parents direct future patterns and ways we relate to others, especially in our closest relationships. All of us grew up in homes with varying degrees of dysfunction. We have breaches, holes, and wounds in our hearts that we received from caregivers. Wounds from things that should not have occurred when we were children, and wounds from the lack of things we needed that we did not get. Some of these broken places have been passed on from generation to generation in families. What patterns do you see in yourself that have an origin in your childhood? Does it even matter? Yes! It unequivocally matters to the Father. He longs to repair our past and restore places for us to flourish—in our homes, our relationships, our vocations, our interests, and all aspects of our life.

In this first short video clip, we address the question, "How do I break the cycle of generational wounds?" Let the Father search your heart, showing you the rooms he wants to open and expose to the light of his truth. Follow him from room to room, and allow him to begin healing all your brokenness and redeem your past. Your life. When necessary, seek help from others to help you on your journey. You can choose to stop the generational patterns in yourself and in your children. The Father is all about helping you do that, so you can be more like him. His work of restoration will allow you to receive more of his love, and then love him, yourself, and others more freely.

In the second clip we share insight into "why healing is a journey." Maybe you can identify with this prayer.

Father, this healing journey is longer and more difficult than I thought. I thought that once I let you build the house in me, we would be finished--that you and I could just get on with doing life. But I can see that if you simply fixed me, I could get ahead of you instead of surrendering in utter dependence. Thank you, Father, that when I lean on you, you will never, and can never, move away--because you are always with me.

Help me again and again to come as a child, needing your strength in my weakness; your hope in my despair; your comfort for my pain, my fear, and my grief; your light when I am surrounded by darkness; your unchangeable presence when I feel rejected and alone. Loving Father, give me your eyes to see, your ears to hear, and your heart to understand—me. More of you in me makes me "Just like my Father." Thanks. (Taken from "Loving God, Loving Myself")

Click on the videos below to view:

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