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"Merry Christmas . . . and an Update”

Dear Friends,

Merry Christmas!  We hope all of you have a very special Christmas and a great 2023!

We are also writing to provide all of you with an update on things.  Many of you will likely receive a separate blog post with similar information, and we apologize in advance for that.

We moved into our home here in Greer, SC on Saturday, December 3rd, and it has been and continues to be quite an experience.  We had not moved in 17 years and considering how our home was set up for intensive counseling guests, in many ways we were taking two homes and moving them into one.  We are making progress in establishing ourselves at our new location, but still have more to go.

In addition to making this move, we have completed the process to dissolve The Father’s Heart Ministry, effective immediately (though the records will indicate 12/31/22).  As many of you know, we have not counseled since July of 2021 and for some time we have been sensing a change in the direction of our lives for the future.  We started this ministry in January of 1995, so it has been operating for over 25 years!  Naturally, we have mixed emotions regarding the dissolution of the ministry.  Though we believe that the Father is leading us to do this and there is tremendous gratitude over what He has accomplished through us with so many people over the years, there is sadness that this chapter is coming to an end.  We believe that there will be times of grief in the immediate future—including grief over leaving our home in Cleveland—but we also believe that He will show us new things in the days ahead for which we can be grateful and enjoy.  Major transitions are never easy.  

We have had the opportunity to spend a couple of evenings with Denise’s younger sister, Jennifer, and her husband, Mike, who live about 30 minutes from us, and that has been great.

For those who have received from us in some way over the years—whether through our counseling, our writings, worshipping together or in some other way—thank you for trusting us with your hearts.  We are humbled by what the Father has done over all of these years and we know He isn’t done yet!  We will see how He leads.  We will continue to make our books available through our website,, as these continue to be used by Him to bring greater healing to many.

Again, Merry Christmas and we pray for a blessed New Year.

In the Father’s Love,

Jerry and Denise Basel

815 Bishop Ave.Greer, SC  29651


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